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Leather Maintenance

The cleaning and nourishing of your leather is the paramount to prolonging the life and preserving the colour.  As leather is a natural breathable product it is important to keep the leather clean to prevent atmospheric dirt building up and breaking down any seal and causing the leather surface to suffer premature colour loss or wear.

If you wish to contact us our friendly staff are always happy to assist you with any queries you may have with regards to care and maintenance of your leather.

We have a fantastic range of professional leather care products for you to care for your leather.

The right guide to the care and maintenance of your leather is really determined by which type of leather you have. There are many different leathers on the market today though to simplify things, generally speaking there are 2 types of leather, though variations within these 2 groups. There are “finished” or “corrected” leathers which have a protective seal coating and there are more porous “Aniline (or Semi-Aniline)” or  “Sauvage” leathers which have less or no protective seal coating.

Aniline/Semi-Aniline or Sauvage Leathers

Aniline Leathers are usually more luxurious and are much more vulnerable due to the lack of protection. They are more suitable to low use environment as they behave like blotting paper and absorb easily, therefore susceptible to staining. They are also more vulnerable to sun-light fading and drying out.

Finished or Corrected Leathers

Finished leathers or Corrected leathers are much more durable and suitable to high use environments and due to their protective seal they are easily maintained and wipe-able.

Aniline Leather Care Products